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Personal Information

The Personal Information screen displays a series of automatically generated profiles built from information that has been detected
within your device. These profiles include personally identifiable information such as first and last name, credit card numbers,
addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and more. This information, on your device, is a privacy concern.

How to scan your personal information?

  • Select Scan to search for personal profiles stored in your device.
  • Found profiles will be listed.
image scan profile

How to review a specific profile

Select any of the profiles to see what personal information was found within that profile.

image select profile
image profile sample

How to delete a profile

To delete a specific profile, enter the profile to review it.
Within the profile screen, click ‘Delete’ to remove the personal information from the computer.

image select profile
image delete profile

IDSeal Titan provides tools and resources to protect your data and identity, but it is impossible to eliminate the risk of cybercrime or identity theft entirely. Your own efforts to prevent unauthorized access play an important role, and the security of your personal information depends on your use of proper physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.